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How to play Yukon Solitaire

Yukon is a demanding and challenging solitaire game, which focuses on moving entire piles instead of individual cards. In order to win the game, all four foundation piles must be compiled in suits from aces to kings.

The layout of Yukon Solitaire is divided into two areas. The seven piles in the tableau are centrally located in the layout. At the beginning of the game, the first pile contains one card which is face up, the second pile contains one card face down and five cards face up, the third pile contains two cards face down and five cards face up, and so on until the seventh pile, which contains six cards face down, and again five cards face up. Top right, the four foundation piles can be found - these piles are empty at the beginning of the game, and cards are built into them sorted in their respective suits from aces to kings.

Yukon Solitaire rules
All face up cards in the tableau can be moved. Build piles downwards in alternating colors. When you move a card, all the cards below will be moved with it. Kings can be moved to empty piles, and the top card the tableau can be moved to their respective foundation piles when the value of the card on top of the foundation pile is one less than the value of the card that is moved. Aces can be moved to the foundation piles when they are on top of piles in the tableau.

Yukon Solitaire strategy
The key to success in the game of Yukon solitaire, is to focus on getting as many cards face up as possible before starting to play cards into the foundation piles. In this way a greater variety of options will remain open for longer time, which increases the chances to win the game.

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