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How to play Spider Solitare

Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. The game is very challenging, and skill as well as luck is required to win it. The objective of Sider Solitaire is to arrange all the cards in suits from kings to aces.

The layout is divided into three areas. The stock pile is located in the upper left corner and the cards from the stock pile are played into the tableau as the game advances. The ten piles in the tableau are centrally located in the layout. At the beginning of the game the cards are arranged such that there are four piles of six cards and six piles of five cards. The top card of each stack is face up, the rest of the cards are face down. Top right are the eight foundation piles - all empty at the beginning of the game. As the game progresses and sequences from kings to aces of same suit are built, the cards will be eliminated to the foundation piles.

Spider Solitaire rules
The cards in the tableau can be built in descending sequence regardless of the suit of the cards. The top card in each pile and sequences of cards of the same suit can be moved to the other piles. If there is no card in a pile in the tableau, any card or a sequence of same suit cards can be moved to the pile. When it is no longer possible to move any cards in the tableau, a card from the stock pile is played into each of the piles in the tableau. Note that there can be no piles within the tableau without cards when playing cards from the stock pile into the tableau. When an entire sequence of cards of the same suit from king to ace is built, it is eliminated into a foundation pile. The game is won when all the cards are eliminated into the foundation piles.

Spider Solitaire strategy
Try to build as many sequences in the same suit as possible, and try to build as many sequences as possible before playing new cards into the tableau. Always start to build sequences of the same suit, and then sequences with cards of highest values possible. Also try to create piles within the tableau without cards. These are a big help to rearrange the cards in sequences of the same suit. Overall, Spider Solitaire is a game where it is a great advantage to use the undo functionality to try out different ways to find the best way forward.

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