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How to play Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a solitaire game with simple rules, which however is very rarely won. The goal is to eliminate all cards in both the pyramid and the stock pile.

The layout of the game is divided into three areas. The stock pile is located in the upper left corner and contains all the cards not yet in play. The pyramid is centrally located in the layout, and contains 28 cards built into a pyramid with one card on the top, two cards in the row below, and so on until the seven cards in the bottom row. The bottom cards in the pyramid are free and playable, while the other cards are freed up as the game is played. The discard pile is located in the top right corner - all the cards that are eliminated from the game are moved here.

Pyramid Solitaire rules
The cards in the pyramid and in the stock pile are eliminated by forming pairs that add up to 13 - aces counts as a one. Kings can be eliminated from the game on their own. The cards in the stock pile can be turned one by one in a pile next to the deck. Both the top card in the stock pile, and the top card in the pile next to it are available. The solitaire game is won when all the cards in both the pyramid and in the stock pile are eliminated.

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