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How to play Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Solitaire is as fun as it is simple. The outcome of the solitaire game depends on luck, but also on the player's ingenuity - especially in the closing part of the game.

Monte Carlo Solitaire consists of two areas. Centrally, cards are places one and one face up in a 5x5 grid. The stock pile is located on the left side and cards from the stock pile are used to fill the grid with cards as the game progresses.

Solitaire Rules
Adjacent cards in the grid - vertical, horizontal or diagonal - with the same rank can be paired one by one to be eliminated. The suit of the cards does not matter. At any time, the cards in the grid can be re-organized so that cards are moved from right to left and from bottom up while filling up from below with cards from the stock pile, so that cards are placed in all blank fields in the grid. When there are no more cards in the stock pile, the cards can still be re-organized upwards, but it will no longer be possible to fill in with new cards. Monte Carlo Solitaire is won when all the cards in the game are eliminated.

Solitaire Strategy
Eliminate, if possible, cards in the upper part of the grid before the cards further down are eliminated. In that way replacement and re-organization of the cards takes place both in the upper part and in the lower part of the grid. In the final phase of the game, it is important to carefully evaluate the order of eliminations and re-organizations so that cards of the same rank can still be paired, even though there are few cards left in the grid.

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