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How to play Freecell

Freecell Solitaire is a relatively modern solitaire game, which seems to have become popular through its inclusion in various computers' operating systems. The objective of the game is to gather all the cards in the four foundation piles. Unlike most solitaire games, there is almost no chance involved with respect to winning the game - with the right strategy more than 99% of all games are won.

The layout of Freecell is divided into three areas. The free cells are found in the upper left side of the layout. A free cell can contain one card at a time. The tableau is centrally located in the layout. At the beginning of the game, the cards are divided into eight piles - four piles with seven cards each and four piles each with six cards. All cards in the tableau are face up. At the top of the layout are the four foundation piles. The foundation piles are empty at the beginning of the game and the as the game progresses, cards are stacked in the foundation piles in the four suits from aces to kings.

Freecell Soliatire rules
Build the foundation piles in the suits from aces to kings. The piles in the tableau can be built downwards by changing colors, and only one card can be moved at a time. Any free card can be moved to a free cell, and just be one card can be located in each free cell. If there are no cards in a pile in the tableau, any free card can be moved to the pile. When all the cards are located in the four foundation piles, the game is won.

Freecell Solitaire strategy
Try to build longer sequences of cards and try to get empty piles as early as possible and you will be well on your way to winning just about every Freecell Solitaire game.

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