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How to play Flower Garden

Flower Garden is a solitaire game that requires a lot of planning, but which actually can be won quite often if played with the right strategy. The game is won when all cards are piled up in the four foundation piles in their respective colors, from aces to kings.

The layout of Flower Garden Solitaire is divided into three areas. The tableau symbolizes the Flower Garden and consists of six piles, each with six cards all facing up. The Reserve is located at the bottom of the layout and symbolize the bouquet of flowers. It contains 16 cards, which all are playable and face up. The four foundation piles are located at the top of the layout. They are empty at the beginning of the game and as the game progresses, cards are piled up in their respective colors from aces to kings.

Flower Garden Solitaire Rules
All cards located on top of a pile in the tableau, and all the cards from the Reserve, are playable. Only one card can be moved at a time. The piles in the tableau are built with cards in descending sequence - the suits of the cards do not matter here. A playable card can be moved to a foundation pile when the value of the card on top of the pile is the same suit and the value is one less than the value of the card that is moved. Playable aces can be moved directly to their respective foundation piles. The solitaire game is won, when all the cards in the game are moved to the foundation piles.

Flower Garden Solitaire Strategy
In Flower Garden solitaire, the piles in the tableau should contain as few cards as possible. The more cards found in each pile, the more difficult it will be to get to the cards further down in the pile. At the same time, it is a huge advantage if one or two of the piles can be emptied completely before too many cards are played out of the Reserve.

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