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How to play The Baroness

Baroness Solitaire is a very simple solitaire game, which reminds of a cross between Idiot Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire. Pairs of cards with the sum of 13 are eliminated to the discard pile, and the game is won once all cards have been eliminated.

The Baroness consists of three areas. The tableau is centrally located and contains five piles. In the beginning of the game, one face-up card is placed in each pile. The stock pile is located to the left and contains all the cards that have not been played yet. To the right is the discard pile. All the cards that are eliminated from the game are placed here.

Baroness Solitaire Rules
Cards are eliminated by forming pairs that give the sum of 13 - Aces count for 1. Kings are eliminated from the game on their own. Cards are automatically played from the stock pile, so that there are always at least five cards in play in the tableau. If a pile in the tableau is empty, any top card from another pile can be moved here. When there are no more options to eliminate cards from the tableau and when there is at least one card in each pile, cards can be played from the stock pile - one card in each of the five piles.

Baroness Solitaire Strategy
It will gives the best starting point to win the game, if the cards can be eliminated in such a way that piles in the tableau are consistently emptied.

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