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How to play Aces Up Solitaire

Aces Up Solitaire is a fast-paced, very simple and luck-based solitaire game. The goal of Aces up is to eliminate all the cards that are not aces.

The layout of Aces Up Solitaire is divided into three areas. The stock pile is located in the upper left corner and contains all the cards that are not yet in play. The four piles in the tableau are centrally located, and are empty at the beginning of the game. Top right is the discard pile - all the cards that are eliminated from the game are discarded here. At the beginning of the game, a card from the stock pile is moved to each of the four piles in the tableau.

Aces Up Solitaire rules
The top card in each pile of the tableau is free. All free cards with the same suit and a rank lower than another free card can be eliminated to the discard pile. If the last card is removed from a pile, any other free card can be moved to the pile. At any time, four cards from the stock pile can be played from the stock pile into the four piles in the tableau. The game is won when all the cards, excluding the four aces, are discarded into the discard pile.

Aces Up Solitaire strategy
The optimal strategy is to try to create empty piles in the tableau, and use the opportunity to undo a move, if you find a better potential series of movements. But even with this strategy the game is rarely won.

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